360 degree product photography for Dolce Toys

“That looks really great! Beautiful!"

Luc Schwartau – Dolce Toys

Dolce Toys

Dolce Toys makes toys to let children play and learn in a fun and educational way.

With a beautiful range, Dolce Toys is truly a quality brand. The website is also good and the existing product photos are of high quality.

But still, you only really see how beautiful the toy is when you see it in real life.

Lifelike product experience

Dolce Toys wants customers to already give the WOW effect on the website. And on social media of course. That is why they choose to take 360 degree photos and 360 degree videos of the entire range.

360 degree product video

You can't post 360 degree product photos on social media yet. Of course you can share the individual photos, but a video is of course more noticeable.

In order to be able to use 360-degree images on social media, 360-degree product videos were also made in addition to photos.

That stands out, and gives a much better picture of your product.

360 degree product photo

120 photos were taken of each product. Together, this creates a 360-degree image. This allows you to view the products from all sides, and the high resolution also allows you to zoom in well.

The product photos can also be used separately. So you have 120 separate product photos of each product, and a 360 degree product photo.

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