Valve unveils new knuckles controllers

The EV3 devkit has an improved battery, better ergonomics and an overall stronger design.

In an official blog post released two days ago, Valve unveiled its Knuckles EV3 devkit, the third version of the original 2016 design, a minor upgrade compared to the massive changes brought about by the EV2 model. This latest update improves upon the already solid design of the EV2 with a variety of improvements such as the ergonomic design of the controller and battery life.

According to the post, we can expect the following changes in this latest update:

– There are markings for the belt/bracket
– The closure is thinner and no longer in the way
– The drawstring has been shortened

– Tension spring is reinforced
– Improved trigger

– The buttons are slightly recessed to prevent you from accidentally pressing them

– Improved grip FSRs (force sensors)

– Improved “efficiency sensors” increase battery life by 2 hours
– Players can now expect 7-8 hours of playtime per charge

– LED lights improved
– USB port is recessed, making it easier to connect the USB cable
– Improved fit and finish
– Improved reliability

In addition to these controller improvements, an updated SteamVR Knuckles tech demo is also coming. Called Moondust, it now supports SteamVR Input, Skeletal Input, and the SteamVR Interaction System.

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