Virtual tour for education and museums

Virtual tour for education and museums

Create a virtual open day

A traditional open day costs a lot of time and money, why not create a virtual open day once and make it available to visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

Virtual tour for education and museums

360 degrees virtual tours

01. Make an appointment

Plan the photo shoot, which will take about 2 to 4 hours on average.

02. Development

We will develop the photos and create the virtual tour, completely in line with your corporate identity.


Once your VR tour is delivered, you can use it for informative or commercial purposes. The tours are compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs and VR headsets!

Why a virtual tour for education and museums?

We have listed the advantages for you:

Collaboration between museums and education
The government considers it important that children go to the museum and increase their knowledge of Dutch culture and history. Cultural education must be placed more firmly in education. Offering a virtual tour gives more incentive to children and educational institutions to make the step to the museum easier.

An innovative approach
Opt for an innovative approach: a virtual tour. It is in line with the interests of children: contemporary teaching methods, learning styles and presentations. But it also ties in with educational developments: putting together inspiring, innovative education programs for schools and museums. Make it an unforgettable experience for students.

Free tour
If students are not (or were) unable to visit a museum yet, use a virtual tour and offer it on your website. You give schools and students a good impression of what your museum has to offer. You ensure that the threshold remains low. Surprise your visitor!

Education: what does the school look like?
In addition to education in museums, there is more. How about hardworking parents looking for a school for their children? Not only in primary education, but also in secondary and vocational education. A virtual tour is ideal for giving parents, pupils and students a good impression of an educational institution. Taking a look at a (future) school can often give that extra push or be decisive for the final choice.

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