About us

A quick introduction

In our visually oriented world, it's not enough just to have your story read or heard – it has to be experienced.

360 degree imaging technology makes this possible in an innovative and unique way. 

Martin Jan, founder and photographer of Zien360.

Martin Jan fotograaf Zien360

Photo shoot for More Than Gifts in The Hague

Van der Valk - virtuele tour door Zien360
"Very nice! Definitely worth repeating for us."
Interparking - virtuele tour door Zien360
"Nothing is too much for them! Can't recommend a better company for making a 360 tour than Zien360!"
HAK - virtuele tour door Zien360
"Zien360 is a very professional company that prioritizes customer needs."

For who? For companies that want to grow, innovate and get more out of their marketing policy and strategy. We work for SMEs, larger companies, web shops and government.

What? You can regard us as a specialist extension of your marketing department. The advantage? You only need to hire us once for an amazing result.

Have you read our reviews yet?

Why? To give that little something extra, a sneak peek into your organization (virtual tours), or amazing 360 images of your product (360 degrees product photography). You decide what you want to show in order to connect your customers with your brand, organization or product.

Where? We work for clients from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, Spain and the United States. We make the recordings of virtual tours on location, and we take 360 degree product photos in our own studio in Dokkum.

How? A good example is the Dutch company HAK. Together with HAK, we visualized the production process through a 360 Virtual Tour.

HAK wanted to remove some of the consumer's prejudices by means of a virtual tour, for example the prejudice that vegetables in pots are less healthy. The consumer now has full insight into how much care and how the production process works when producing vegetables in pots.

Amstelveen College - virtuele tour door Zien360
"High quality and pleasant to work with."
Infor - virtuele tour door Zien360
“Exceeded all our expectations!"
Dutzfloors - virtuele tour door Zien360
"We are extremely satisfied with the end result."