Frequently asked questions

Questions about Virtual tours

There is no difference; they both refer to the same thing.

Absolutely. The look and feel of the virtual tour can be customized to your liking. We can adapt every image, button or colour to specifically match your corporate indentity. We could also incorporate your website into the virtual tour, for example by using iFrames. We will not charge you extra for any of this, which makes us unique.

It is essential that controlling your virtual tour feels natural. We go out of our way to make this possible. The tour can be controlled by using either your PC/laptop, smartphone or a VR headset. The control system is custom-made for all different kinds of devices, and we can adapt it to your liking.

Not at all, The photo shoot will take place whenever works best for you. In the evening or during weekends is also fine.

Of course. We can always adapt the 360 photos to a certain extent, and we do not shy away from a challenge.

Because of the professional equipment we use, we are able to take panoramic photos of an outstanding quality. Our 360 panoramic photos have a resolution of more than 150 megapixels!

Yes, we use HDR photography. High Dynamic Range photos consist of multiple seperate photos with different exposures. Afterwards, we merge all these photos into one image that will have detail on the darkest and lightest parts of the photo.

We take a panorama photo with a digital SLR camera with a lens that is suitable for panorama photography. We do not opt for convenience, but for the best quality. A panoramic photo can also be made with a 360 camera intended for that purpose. This is faster but the resolution is much less. We take different photos in different directions with a DSLR. These photos are all stitched together for a full 360 x 180 degree panoramic photo.

The amount of time a panoramic photo takes depends on the situation. Will there be people in the picture? Are there many fast moving objects? Are there disturbing elements in the picture that need to be removed? Of course it is possible to adapt the image afterwards, but it is essential to take every detail into account when shooting a panoramic photo. For this reason, the photo shoot can easily take up to 2 hours for a simple virtual tour.

Yes, it is possible. Afterwards, we can professionally remove elements from the photo through image editing. Visitors to the tour will never notice!

Yes, virtual tours can be easily posted on websites. In addition, the tour can also be posted on a seperate, specially created, domain, on a subpage or on a Facebook page.

We can even provide you with a video export, which enables you to put the tour on YouTube, for example.

For every virtual tour we can create a help function. Through this function, where a distinction is made between desktop and mobile users, we guide the visitors and explain how to operate the tour. We give some explanation about the hotspots and the menu as well.

No, that is not necessary. We make sure you can use your virtual tour offline as well, in case you want to present it but are unable to conncect to the internet.

In case you do not want everyone to see your security cameras or locks for example, we make sure to edit these parts out of the photos.

Yes, we can deliver a virtual tour in multiple languages. This can be done in several ways: We can completely compose a virtual tour in multiple languages ​​(translations can incur costs) or we activate the desired language by means of API links.

Our tours are developed using the newest techniques, such as Javascript, CSS3 and Html5. Naturally, our tours are compatible with the most common browsers. But, do not hesitate to contact us, if you want to make sure our tours are compatible with the browser you use as well. It goes without saying that we cannot provide support on browsers that are no longer updated by the developer

Yes, you do. If you have had a virtual tour made by Zien360 before, you will receive a discount when you want to renew that tour.

You get to decide which spaces will be added to your virtual tour. In general, all kinds of spaces can be turned into a virtual tour, so you do not have to worry about suitability.

After we have delivered the tour, you can post the tour on your website yourself by following the instructions in our client portal. If you have a hard time figuring it out or if you just prefer us to do it in general, that si no problem at all. We are happy to help and do it for you.

We generally use Google Fonts, which is always available and offers a wide range of options.

Firstly, we will compose a draft version of the tour. This can then be assessed using a test URL. After approval, we will start working on the rest of the interface, such as the pop-up, the menu, a map or a video player.

Yes, it is. Just like a website, a virtual tour needs its space on a server and must be visited via a domain name (such as You get to decide whether you want to host the tour yourself, or to let us host it.

There are many different computers, resolutions and internet browsers. The virtual tours are developed using modern techniques and are compatible with the most common browsers. For this reason, our tours work perfectly fine on the majority of computers.

Yes, it is. Because the usage of smartphones and tablets is increasing, we have developed a special version for mobile devices. This way, visitors receive the best experience, no matter their device. In addition, visitors who attend the tour via smartphone or tablet, can operate the tour using their own movements!

No. A virtual tour burdens data traffic very minimally, as something is only loaded when it is needed

Questions about 360 degrees product photography

We photogtraph products with a maximum size of 120x120x200cm and a maximum weight of 50kg.

Our 360 degrees product photos are added to your CMS using plugins. There are plugins available for all well-known types of CMS. For this reason, your CMS will probably be compatible with 360 degrees product photos as well.

For now, we only offer photo shoots in our own studio, as this is much more efficient. 

A 360 degrees photo consists of multiple seperate photos. When loading the webpage, just one photo is initially loaded. Only when a user clicks on this photo will the rest of the photos (and script) be loaded. This way, our 360 degrees product photos do not affect your website's initial loading time.

You should arrange transport yourself. This applies both to the way here and the way back.

Yes, it is. You can let us know whenever new products will be sent, and we will start working on it right away.

It might. 360 degrees product photos usually make clients spend more time on a page and thereby positively influence SEO.

Google takes several ranking factors into account, inlcuding the 'Dwell Time'. This refers to the amount of time a user spends on a page from the search results, before returning to the page with all search results,

Yes, if you make an appointment.

No, we do not require a minimum number of products.

Yes, 360 degrees product photos are perfectly compatible with all modern browsers, both on mobile and desktop devices.

Yes, our 360 degrees product photos are so-called responsive. This means
they automatically adapt to the screen they are being displayed on.

No, we use open licenses. This means the product photos may be used for any purpose without further compensation or time limitation.