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Show yourself with 360 degree virtual tours

Show yourself in a unique and interactive way.

Watch the broadcast of the TV program How It's Done by RTLZ, where we explain a little more about making virtual tours.

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Macro Marketing Manager – Infor

“Super quality, good service and above all pleasant people to work with.”

Marco ter horst
Marketing Manager, Info

How a virtual tour can make a difference

It is no longer so easy to be seen and heard online. We are inundated with information, are presented with thousands of advertising incentives every day and we find it increasingly difficult to keep our attention.

We are consciously or unconsciously always looking for something new. But how do you ensure that you will be seen and heard?

Come up with something new. Something unique. What grabs and holds the attention of your target audience.

Creative virtual tours make this possible: the perfect combination of experience, sensation and information. You have a story. You have a message. You have a purpose. Show it.

Visual experience

Show your company in 360 degrees

With our +150 megapixel 360 degree panoramic photos you can show your company, brand or project in an impressive way.

Hana Fogl Hansgrohe

“Very happy with the virtual tour of Zien360! Great collaboration and a nice end product. Recommended!"

Hana Fogli
Marketing Communications Specialist, hansgrohe

Screenshot of virtual tour My Sun Eindhoven
Zien360 vertel je verhaal in een 360 graden beleving
The new storytelling

Tell your story in a unique way​

You have a story. You have a message. You have a purpose. Tell it and Show it in a unique way with an interactive virtual tour.

Van der Valk - virtuele tour door Zien360

"Very nice! We are extremely satisfied with the result. Definitely worth repeating for us.”

Linde Herskamp
Revenue Manager, Van der Valk Hotel

Frequently Asked
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Everything you want to know about 360 degree virtual tours

Not at all, The photo shoot will take place whenever works best for you. In the evening or during weekends is also fine.

It is essential that controlling your virtual tour feels natural. We go out of our way to make this possible. The tour can be controlled by using either your PC/laptop, smartphone or a VR headset. The control system is custom-made for all different kinds of devices, and we can adapt it to your liking.

No problem. By applying image editing afterwards, we can professionally remove the things that are not allowed in the picture. Visitors to the tour won't see that anything has ever been in that spot in the photo.

Knowing more? Contact us. 

Why and have a virtual tour made

Why should you get a virtual tour?

Some reasons to have a virtual tour made.

Recruiting staff
Do you want to convince people to come and work for your company? Show them what it is like working for you using an innovative VR tour.

Guided tours
You might want to offer guided tours through your organisation, but realizing this is often impractical. Making a virtual tour could be the perfect solution.

Capturing visual inspections with photos is a good idea. But why not capture the entire subject with 360-degree panoramic photos so that everything, absolutely everything, is captured (and in an astonishing 20k resolution)!

Relocation and new buildings
Has your company relocated or have you had new business premises built? Show this to the world by turning your new place into a virtual tour!

Location rental and sale
Let visitors take a look at your location, without needing them to make an appointment or attend physically. This can save people a lot of travelling time!

Open days
Organizing a traditional open day costs a lot of time and money. Why not make a virtual tour that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

Training sessions
Give your online training sessions some extra experience using Virtual Reality. This is ideal for training, as you can add questions and forms into the VR tour.

Put an end to boring PowerPoint presentations. Enrich your presentation with 360 degrees panoramic images and blow your audience away with a state of the art VR tour!

Fairs and events
Draw attention to your stand with a VR experience, success guaranteed!

What can we help you with?

Do you want to brainstorm about your new project? Give us a heads up and we will contact you quickly to discuss everything and possibly schedule a no-obligation appointment.

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