Virtual tours with information points

Plaats info punten in virtuele tours

To provide extra information about yourself or your company in the virtual tour, you can use so-called information hotspots.

An information hotspot is a point or area in the tour that users can click on. These points can be displayed as a custom icon or image.

Informatie hotspots in virtuele tours

Why Information hotspots in your virtual tour?

Information points give the visitor a better idea of your company or product/service. In addition, information points make a virtual tour interactive, which ensures better interaction with the users.

In addition, visitors do not have to leave the tour for the content of the information points, it is so user-friendly!

Make it even more personal

Another interesting possibility: by means of a green screen video, a real person can be captured and added to the tour. As if he or she is really there.

This makes the tour even more personal.

Green screen video in virtuele tour
What are information points?

Information points can be anything: images or photos, (YouTube) videos, audios or voice-overs, texts, PDFs, but also questions in a quiz form.

Post images and photos in your virtual tour. Or even a complete photo slideshow!

Videos or green-screen videos to make your virtual tour even more personal.

Tell more about your product or service and speak directly to your customers through audio and voice-overs. 

Tell more about yourself with text and explanation, or let visitors download flyers and brochures. 

Yes, we can even make a bingo, a pub quiz or an escape game to your virtual tour. 

What else is possible?

The possibilities are endless. These are some examples: