Training with vr glasses

Training and e-learning with virtual tours

Training and e-learning with virtual tours

Training and e-learning with virtual tours

More and more companies are using virtual reality for all kinds of training. And this is for good reason: studies have shown that the use of virtual reality (VR) in training significantly increases retention. This is because VR involves the senses, emotions and cognitive functions of the brain.

It also appears that VR also improves empathy and emotion during training, both of which contribute to improving retention. VR training is also more scalable than on-site training.

Training with vr glasses

Effective VR trainings

VR training is applied in various fields. For example, in 2017, Google's Daydream Labs conducted an experiment in which they taught two groups of people to use an espresso machine.

One group had to do this through Youtube videos and the other group through VR. The VR group learned to operate the machine faster and also made fewer mistakes. This example shows that VR can be effectively applied in the field of e-learning.

VR training, a powerful and scalable tool

Furthermore, VR training courses are also used in healthcare, for example during the corona crisis. Then nurses and doctors in various hospitals were prepared with VR for a wave of ICU patients. 

In short, VR is a powerful and scalable tool that can be used for different types of training. Our virtual tours are suitable to be viewed in VR, with Google Cardboard or VR glasses.

Training en-e-learning met VR

What else is possible?

The possibilities are endless. These are some examples:

  • Video calls
  • Video’s afspelen
  • Green-screen video’s
  • Informative pop-ups
  • Interactive maps
  • Navigatiemenu’s
  • Ambient sounds
  • Voiceovers
  • VR ready
  • Control with gyroscope
  • Add game elements
  • Match your corporate identity
  • Multilingual
  • GPS tagging
  • Use it online and offline
  • Aerial photography

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