Virtual tour for real estate and brokerage

Virtual tour for real estate and brokerage

Why a virtual tour within the real estate and brokerage industry?

A virtual tour is increasingly used in the real estate industry and brokerage. It gives your visitor a good first impression of a space. The final goal? Tempting potential buyers to a viewing, after which they proceed to buy a home or commercial property.

We have listed the advantages for you:

Low-threshold way
Virtual tours can be published on your company's website. The Internet is accessible worldwide. This also applies to people who are interested in your housing offer on your website. There is no need to call or email for a viewing. Without any obligation, your customer can experience a space in a unique way.

No travel time
In this modern society we go for convenience and we all want to use new technologies. With the arrival of 360 degree photos, your customer does not have to travel for a (first) viewing. Your customer can remotely walk through a building on your website via the computer, from the lazy chair.

Better impression
It has been proven; moving image gives a better impression than a series of photos. Texts and photos are increasingly being replaced by moving images. Your customer can 'walk' in all corners and spaces to get a good impression of a home or business property. In addition, it offers insight into the possibilities for renovation.

Physical appointment
A virtual tour of a property does not, of course, make 'live' viewings disappear. After a customer has had a virtual tour of one of the properties on your website, the potential buyer may want to make a physical appointment. The next step has been taken: the sale of a home or commercial property has come closer.

Unique presentation
By offering virtual tours on your website, you present your housing offer in a unique way. Your website will be viewed in a more pleasant way. This allows you to distinguish your company within the real estate industry and brokerages. If you miss this opportunity, your competitor will grab attention with 'virtual reality'.

360 degrees virtual tours

01. Make an appointment

Plan the photo shoot, which will take about 2 to 4 hours on average.

02. Development

We will develop the photos and create the virtual tour, completely in line with your corporate identity.


Once your VR tour is delivered, you can use it for informative or commercial purposes. The tours are compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs and VR headsets!

Funda is now also working on the possibility to play virtual tours on their website. By means of innovative applications, it is possible as a broker to present your offer in this way on the Funda website.

Zien360 has been a recognized media supplier of Funda since 2016.

Funda - virtual tour through Zien360

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